Scientific and Technical Bulletin


No 13 June 2008

Odeta Manuela Belei
Nana vs. Maggie  – Heredity  and  Environment

Abstract: The paper wants to present the role of heredity which appears mainly in Emile Zola's Nana, the theme of prostitution and the problem of progression to awareness, are to be seen chiefly in Crane's short story Maggie; A Girl of the Streets. I will use Nana only as a term of comparison, and I will insist mostly on Maggie's inner reality, and a more humanistic view of life different from Zola's.

Keywords: Naturalism, Reality, Determinism, Awareness, Bourgeoisie.

Adrian Dolghi
Istoria şi  istoricii în societatea sovietică

Abstract: In this article the status of science and that of the historian in the soviet society is researched. The author concludes that the historical science and the whole society as well, were transformed into a closed system, which lost its possibilities of developing itself. But the Soviet Historiography, fusioned with the policy and ideology, has become a component part of the totalitarian system. As a result, there was produced an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of the world culture – the phenomenon of the repressed science, it itself being not only the object of repression, but also their subject. The historians have become accomplice as well as victims of the totalitarian regime, the extollers of the reacting policy, faithful slaves of the leading elite.

Keywords: soviet society, historical science, repressed science, totalitarian regime, social disparities.

Aleksandra Gojkov-Rajić
Literature in the Function of Multiculturalism

Abstract: Multiculturalism and multilingualism of European Union, as well as of Europe in general are its invaluable wealth. According to the two mentioned values European Union could be compared with the onetime Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the state in which numerous languages used to be spoken, with German language as official, one through which all representatives of different nations living in this state, and native speakers of various languages could communicate. A parallel could also be drawn regarding interaction which used to exist between German and other languages of the monarchy, i.e. English and smaller European languages. These relations used to be represented in the domain of theatre, as well. The paper will consider the phenomenon from the angle of Vrsac Town Theatre.

Keywords: multiculturalism, German drama, Vrsac Town Theatre.

Claudiu Margan
A Comparative Study of Major Themes in Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano and Beckett’s Waiting for Godot

Abstract: Despite the noticeable differences between Beckett and Ionesco’s drama, their art is tributary to the question of human condition, a theme which encompasses a number of issues such as absurdity and solitude, language and incommunication, appearance and reality, alienation and suffering, time and death.

Keywords: absurdity, solitude, incommunication, suffering, time, salvation

Marinel Negru
Forming of Communicative Competences of Students in Bilingual Teaching

Abstract: Pedagogical phenomenon of forming verbal communicative competences requires special responsibilities through elaboration of specific formative activities, dictated by the fact that communication presupposes a relationship, information exchange, continuous adjustment process. The mentioned fact has not been sufficiently applied in educational praxis at the level of Romanian language learning in Serbia by students who attend bilingual schools. Experiential framework demands creation of communicative context in the classroom itself, assuming learning within which a student should feel and be aware of the need of communicational inter-relations.

Keywords: pedagogical phenomenon, formative activities, information exchange, educational praxis, multilingual community.

Călina Paliciuc, Köen Hendrix
The History of English-Romanian Cultural Relationship in the Inter-War Period

Abstract : Although ephemeral, the press offers the researcher a panoramic view of the way in which the contemporaries of the time perceived the English novel, classical or modern.
Even if we quickly browse, we can notice the armosphere where important Romanian novelists developed in an epoch where, paradoxically, the modern novel was blooming, but a lot was spoken about its”crisis”. The one who initiates a deep analysis on the influernce of the English novel upon the Romanian one cannot detach from a solid research on the press of the time.
„The anthology”, realized here by gathering up the most important texts concerning the English novel, emphasized, not only once, that these texts include also daring references to general problems and they are not just simple notices „ordered” to the journalists. Ideas related to realism and ethics are debated, different opinions about the modern novel’s inclination to essay are expressed and new epic means cultivated by new writers are enphasized.

Keywords: ”English novel”, „inter-war period”, „inter-war press”, „Romanian novelists”, „French monopoly”.

Monica Ponta
The Definite Article – Some Characteristics in English and Romanian

Abstract: The paper tries to make a brief comparison between two languages, English and Romanian; the topic debated is that of the definite article in the two languages, characteristics, rules to be taken into account. Examples are given to support the ideas both in English and Romanian .

Keywords: definite article, the, noun determiner, gender, case, abstract nouns, concrete nouns

Ramona Novak
City and Childhood

Abstract: Cartarescu is a writer bound to the city where he lived and lives in.  Images of Bucharest are frequent in his works, overlapping the author’s dreams, tensions and obsessions. The urban space lies around the author in concentric circles, every circle related to each other. The narrator’s room, the closest circle, is a protective space, where the figure of his mother interferes with the boy’s dreams. The underground is the space where the innocence is lost.

Keywords: city, urban space, childhood, underground, mother

Simona Redeş, Odeta Manuela Belei
Gender    Related Conversation

Abstract: Communication is and has always been an important matter. Many scholars wrote about it, paying attention to particular aspects and looking at these from various perspectives. Among them, there are linguists who are interested in showing how male-female oral interaction functions, in pointing out the differences between the way in which men and women enter this cross-sex communication. Our concern in what follows is to emphasize some of the major points connected to this communication.

Keywords: men, women, gender, verbal interaction, difference

Petra - Melitta Roşu
Galizien ein Ort der Gegensätze. Zu Joseph Roths Das falsche Gewicht. Die Geschichte eines Eichmeisters und Karl Emil Franzos’ Der Shylock von Barnow

Überblick: Die Arbeit setzt sich mit Karl Emil Franzos’ Der Shylock von Barnow und Joseph Roths Das falsche Gewicht auseinander. Dabei wird die Verarbeitung Galiziens in den Werken untersucht. Es stellt sich die Frage, ob der Schauplatz der Handlung im Hintergrund steht, oder ob er mitwirkt und die Gestalten beeinflusst; ob die Werke die Realität der Donaumonarchie widerspiegeln, oder ob sie ausschließlich fiktional sind.

Schlüsselwörter: Zentrum, Peripherie, ethnische Konflikte, Vorurteile, soziale Klassen, EU-Osterweiterung

Alexandru Simionov
Definirea “Noului Regionalism” în contextul  globalizării

Abstract: Today, for more than a decade, the regionalism, after a long period of time while it was neglected was brought back in the international studies. The present regionalism is rather extrovert than introvert, judging the great interdependence of global political economy and integrates the relations between globalization and regionalization. In the process of drafting the New Theory of Regionalism (NTR), should be taken into consideration some theoretical approaches like: the global social theory, the social constructivism. It can be although premature to emphasize a theory of the “new regionalism”, but is possible to emphasize some development traits of this one. A theory of “new regionalism” cannot tackle only the existent regions or those incipient. NTR should explain the global order that makes possible the regionalization process, or even necessary, and the global order which can be the result of some new regions in interaction.

Keywords: regionalism, global economy, globalization, social constructivism, new regionalism.